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This is a beautiful feminine and girly yet slim phone case in the design called Lace White Floral. Also available in four other designs.


Sleek, feminine and minimalist phone caseYou cannot go wrong with the pattern, very pretty!Case is reasonably priced at $10.99Case is flexible and fits your phone snug with a semi-hard backThe case fits my phone perfectly, all ports are easily accessible and buttons are accessible. 

The camera sits very flush, if not too even with the case so I feel there is not much protection from the camera. Now instead of facing my phone on the back side, I would rather flip my phone on the screen side as I have a tempered glass screen protector for protection. By doing this, it will be an inconvenience because in a public setting - I would not want to put my screen facing down on the table due to germs. Overall: This is a lovely phone case - not bulky at all and very cute! I would definitely repurchase more from this company.

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I cashed out on Slice the Pie!

I cashed out for $11 today from Slice the Pie. Let's see how long it will take for me to receive my payment. Essentially on Slice the Pie you write quick reviews on the topic of music, fashion, tv, and furniture.

Tip: If you are interested in joining, join with your PayPal e-mail address because that will be the payment address you will receive your withdrawal. I will write a more in-depth review when I get paid. I don't like to recommend sites until I've been paid.

Literacy Base Pays!

Update: 5/18/17 - The site seems to be dead!

If you enjoy writing or blogging of at least minimum 300 characters - you should give Literacy Base a try! Accumulate your earnings and once you have $10 or more cash out before the end of the month for payment the following month by the 15th via PayPal.