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MintVine Earnings Update: Since June 2016 = $161 + $20 Pending

MintVine Earning Update
So far, I am still enjoying MintVine. I only take a couple of minutes per day to answer some surveys and the daily poll. What I love about MintVine is that if you do not qualify for a survey, you at least get a couple of points which is better than nothing! If you spend more time exploring Offers > Peanut Labs and so forth, essentially you could earn more points, but I personally just do the bare minimum! Below, you could see my high at MintVine of 2016 was in October where I cashed our 3x for $10 each. In 2017, I am currently averagely out like twice a month, considering February was a short month - I did cash out a few days into March. There is no update on the pro/cons of MintVine as I previously reviewed, states. You can read my MintVine Review: (here)

My Up to Date Redemptions:


June 23 - $10July 9 - $10July 21 - $11August 3 - $10August 17 - $10September 15 - $10October 10 - $10October 16 - $10October 28 - $10November 11 - $10November 23 - $10December …