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Clear TPU Case for iPhone 6 /6s plus by Jusney - Ultra Thin Crystal Soft Slim TPU Cover Case

Want a phone case that grips/holds as if your Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus is bare? Then this is the case for you! Not only is this case ultra slim and lightweight but this case will protect your phone from minor accidental drops and scratches.

This case is as described - made from a premium TPU material, durable, flexible, and transparent! This case is shock-absorbent and easy to clean with just water! Some transparent cases I have tried are made from a slippery material, but this case is easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

Most importantly all ports are easily accessible plus this company provides a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase/shopping experience!

Overall: This is a great phone case, reasonable priced and not bulky at all! You could definitely use this phone for do it yourself projects too if you are interested. I highly recommend this case and I hope the photos I attached are useful too!

Are you interested in purchasing this? Available on Amazon for $7…

Savoy Series Chrome/Microfiber Slider Case by Caseology for Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus in Rose Gold

This universal Savoy Series Case by Caseology is designed for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus or Apple iPhone 6S Plus. This case is available in 6 colors: Black, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Pink, Rose Gold and Turquoise Mint. The color I ordered and am reviewing is the “Rose Gold”. With this case, it is like my phone being Rose Gold without having to upgrade because the first generation of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is only available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold.

This phone case is compose of two pieces, a top and lower piece. This case is sleek and well structured with chrome and matte detailing. The case is designed to have all the ports functional and easily accessible. While reading the reviews on Amazon – I noticed some complaints regarding lost of phone service reception when they had this case on their phone. However, I did not see anyone note what service provider they had. I am proud to announce with my phone provider AT&T – I am not experiencing any phone service reception issues. I hav…