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ULAK Knox Armor Series for Apple iPhone 6+ Review

Are you on the market for a heavy duty "durable" phone case?If so, I would highly recommend ULAK's Knox Amor Series, one of the newest cases for the Apple iPhone 6+.
My First Impressions PriceReasonably priced at $10.99 plus free shipping! Available to purchase on Amazon, eBay or ULAK's website. SelectionAvailable for Apple/Samsung models in your choice of blue, green, rose pink (as shown) and/or black.Design (refer to description below)Case fits seamlessly (this is a 2 piece case)All ports are functional and accessibleNote: Ports are covered so when you are charging your phone, you have to lift the flap. (as shown in photos below, this could be a pro/con depending)Note: This case is on the bulky side because it meant to be for heavy duty + durable very comparable to Otterbox for less the cost! ProsMy phone feels safe, secure and protectedI have dropped my phone and the case was intact and caused no damages to my phone!The shell of the case is very sturdy/hard!I love t…