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Tim Tam Original Cookies

Have you heard of BzzAgent? BzzAgent is the leading word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) company. Try. Share. Repeat. Plus, it is free to join! Take short surveys for a chance to qualify for a campaign. This month, I qualified to sample Tim Tam Original Cookies. 
What is in my BzzAgent Kit? 5 - 75¢ off coupons to share with friends/familyA package of Tim Tam Original Cookies (Retails for $3.29)Facts: Every bite of an Arnott's Tim Tam cookie is bursting with unexpected layers - chocolaty on the outside, light and crunch on the inside, and delicious all over.There are cookies and there's candy... and then there's Arnott's Tim Tam: the cookie that tastes like a candy bar. 'Nuff said. Thoughts? These cookies were incredibly delicious that I didn't have a chance to count how many pieces were in the package, but I believe there are 11 pieces. As stated above, Tim Tam is like a candy and cookie combination. Each bite you taste the chocolatey on the outside and light and crunchy i…

ULAK Lumenair Series - Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case First Impressions

♥ Technology?  How do you protect your gadgets?
ULAK is a brand catering to fashion minded people wanting to add some individuality as well as protection to their smart phone or tablet. ULAK offers a full lineup of cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and etc. 
♥ ♥ ♥
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My First Impressions PriceVery affordable! This case is only $9.99 plus free shipping/no tax. Not only will you receive the 2 piece case (silicone bumper and plastic housing) with purchase but ULAK also includes a high clarify premium screen protector for your phone, cleaning cloth, application card and a users manual.DesignCase is snug, not bulky and fits seamlessly All ports are functional and accessibleNote: The headphone jack is only designed to be used with factory original Apple headphones that came with your phone.Night glow function essen…